Georgia College Personnel Association

GCPA Executive Board Elections

The following positions are up for election for the upcoming cycle:


Term: 3 years (One year as President-Elect, one year as President, one year as Immediate Past President)
Position Description:
(President-Elect) The President-Elect shall participate in activities relating to preparation for the presidency. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of or incapacity of the President. The President-Elect is also required to take part in monthly ACPA state chapter/leader meeting, as appropriate.  Shall chair the Bylaws Committee; establish and chair a committee to appoint the Convention Committee Chair for the year one serves as President; appoint and serve on the Convention Planning Committee to develop the convention theme and content.

(President) The President shall be the chief elected officer of the Association, and shall preside at all state meetings of the Association; preside at meetings of the Executive Board; in consultation with the Executive Board, appoint chairpersons and members of all committees, except the Nomination and Elections, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nomination and Elections; serve as the ACPA liaison and attend all ACPA functions on behalf of GCPA.

(Immediate Past President) The Past President serves in an advisory role to the President. The Past President also shall preside over the GCPA annual conference awards and the elections processes.


Term: 1 year
Position Description: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meeting at which the Association officers preside and shall conduct the correspondence of the Association as requested by the President. A copy of all minutes shall be forwarded to the President within one week of the meeting.


Term: 2 years
Position DescriptionThe treasurer shall serve the Association in assuring the receipt and expenditure of funds in accordance with the directives established by the Executive Board and shall be bonded as determined by the Executive Board. The Treasurer must also establish an operational budget with the Executive Board as well as set budget for all major activities, conferences and travel for President and President-Elect.


Term: 2 years
Position Description: The Members-at-Large shall serve as a primary link between their respective constituencies and the Executive Board. The Members- at-Large will represent Technical College System of Georgia, USG, HBCU, Faculty and Private Institutions. Duties to include promoting GCPA events at home institutions, working with professional development to host workshops and seminars at home institutions.

Conference Chair-Elect

Term: 2 years (One year as Conference Chair-Elect, one year as Conference Chair)
Position Description:
(Conference Chair-Elect) The Conference Chair-Elect shall perform the duties of the Conference Chair in the absence of or incapacity of the Conference Chair. The Conference Chair-Elect shall serve as a program chair and work closely with the current Conference Chair to obtain the skills needed to be considered to chair the conference the following year. The Conference Chair-Elect is responsible working with the Professional Development Chair for planning and implementing drive-in workshops and webinars for the Association.

(Conference Chair) The Conference Chair shall initiate and plan all activities necessary to put on the GCPA annual conference. The Conference Chair shall work closely with the Treasurer and Conference Chair-Elect to ensure all financial and programmatic goals are met.  Conference Chair will serve as an advisor for GCPA’s other conference type events (i.e. ESAP, Next Gen.).