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Georgia College Personnel Association (GCPA) enhances the higher education community through advocacy and support for the holistic development of students.

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Are you looking for something to sink your teeth into?  Something that will allow you to gain not only valuable leadership experience but also allow you to explore other areas? Consider running for a GCPA Executive Board position.  We are looking for passionate people who want to help take GCPA and its Student Affairs members to the next professional level. Let’s get to work.

Stacey Milner
GCPA President-Elect

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Dear GCPA,

Meeting with ACPA’s leadership this past July was both empowering and encouraging, not only for myself but for my GCPA executive board that attended as well. I am very excited about the work to be done in Georgia and look forward to help lead this work as well. As the association moves forward with the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization, I find myself in a positive space with the other state Presidents, entity leaders, and governing board members laying the groundwork for a monumental shift in the foundation of ACPA and also how GCPA is impacted too. I will continue to have ongoing discussions with my executive board about how we will define racial justice and decolonization in GCPA/Georgia and how we will boldly stand behind ACPA in this movement.

I will acknowledge the discomfort that might come from racial justice and decolonization, but we must move forward as an association at the same time.  I hope that you will join me, in whatever way you feel most comfortable, as we start to focus more on racial justice and decolonization in our work within Georgia: by engaging in a conversation, seeking a leadership role with GCPA or ACPA, asking questions, presenting at our conference, and more.  I look forward to creating and sharing GCPA’s strategic plan and intentional goals around the strategic imperative.

Jeremy Brown
GCPA President



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