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Georgia College Personnel Association (GCPA) enhances the higher education community through advocacy and support for the holistic development of students.

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Executive Board Nominations are now open!

Dear GCPA Members,

This year has certainly been an exciting one and consumed many of our busy work schedules. Each year we select new leaders for the association, we encourage you to participate in an election of the new executive board. The following positions are open for nominations at this time:

  • President-Elect (1 year appointment; 3 year commitment)
  • Secretary (1 year appointment)
  • 1 Position for Private Institution Member at Large (2 year appointment)
  • 1 Position for Faculty Member at Large (2 year appointment)
  • Conference Chair-Elect

Please consider nominating someone (including yourself) for one of the open positions. The election timeline (including nomination instructions) is attached, along with a brief description of the duties associated with each GCPA board position.  All GCPA members will have the opportunity to vote for officers shortly after the November conference.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached via email at, please include the subject line GCPA Elections. We appreciate your continued commitment to GCPA and your dedication to serving students in the state of Georgia.


Brenda Marina, Ph.D.
2015- GCPA Past-President

2015 Nominations & Election Committee Chair

GCPA Nominations & Election

2015-2016 Timeline and Process

November 3rd      E-mail to GCPA membership about nominations. Nominations will only

be collected through e-mail to the Nominations & Election Chair at

  • As nominations come in the Nominations & Election Chair should begin contacting

nominees to get their acceptance and give them the acceptance packet.

  • When nominee is notified and they intend on accepting, they will be required to verify their membership in GCPA and ACPA. We have to receive proof of this before their name will be placed on the ballot.

November 3rd     Publicizing of the nomination and election process.

November 20th     Deadline for nominees to submit their nomination acceptance packet (which will be sent to nominees via email once the original nomination has been received by the elections chair).

November 23rd    Publicizing of the nominees and election process. Elections Open via email.

December 4th       Elections Closed – Results of the election will be compiled distributed to the GCPA President and President -Elect.

December 10th     All candidates will be notified about their election status via email, and will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the elected position via email within 24-hours. The Chair will share this information with both the President and President-Elect.

December 15th     An e-mail will be sent to the membership from the Nominations & Elections Chair announcing the results of the election.


GCPA Officer Information

Requirements to be an Elected GCPA Officer

  1. All Officers of the Association shall be members of the Georgia College Personnel Association (GCPA);
  2. All Officers of the Association shall be members of  the American College Personnel Association (ACPA);
  3. Be available to serve on the board for the fully allotted term of the position;
  4. Attend the extended Board Retreat tentatively scheduled (DATE TBD).

Term of Office for Elected GCPA Officers

The term of office of all elected officers other than the treasurer shall begin at the spring retreat. The term of office of the treasurer shall begin July 1. Elected officers shall serve for a period of one year or until a successor takes office. The treasurer and members at large representatives shall serve for two years.

Duties of the Elected GCPA Officers

The President shall be the chief elected officer of the Association, and shall:

  1. Preside at all state meetings of the Association.
  2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Board.
  3. In consultation with the Executive Board, appoint chairpersons and members of all committees, except the Nomination and Elections Committee, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nomination and Elections Committee.

The President-Elect shall participate in activities relating to preparation for the presidency. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of or incapacity of the President.

The immediate Past President shall serve as the chair of the Nomination and Election committee, overseeing all processes related thereto.

The Conference Chair-Elect shall assist the conference chair to oversee all aspects of the annual conference and will assume the duties and responsibilities as Conference Chair the following year.

The Treasurer shall represent the Association in assuring the receipt and expenditure of funds in accordance with the directives established by the Executive Board and shall be bonded as determined by the Executive Board. The treasurer serves a two-year term and may not be re-elected to succeed himself or herself.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings at which the Association officers preside and shall conduct the correspondence for the Association as requested by the President. A copy of all minutes shall be forwarded to the President within one week of the meeting.

The Members at Large (Faculty, Private Institution, Technical Institution, University System of Georgia) are important liaisons between the GCPA Executive Board and the institutional sectors they serve. Members at Large strive to establish communication relationships with members from each campus in their areas to ensure effective representation of needs. Members at Large are voting members of the executive board. Members at Large serve a two-year term and may not be re-elected to succeed themselves.


Welcome to the Georgia College Personnel Association webpage.  Review our site for information and resources for higher education and student affairs faculty, administrators, and students in Georgia by using the links above.We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead; please keep in touch with us!

GCPA, a state division of ACPA™, promotes the professional development of college student educators and higher education professionals within the state of Georgia.GCPA is dedicated to educators at all levels of experience and across functional areas and will:

  1. Provide leadership to college student educators and higher education professionals in Georgia.
  2. Familiarize college student educators and higher education professionals with best practices and current trends leading to productive change and enhanced student learning.
  3. Promote and provide professional development opportunities among members concerning higher education and student affairs issues, legislation, research, programming, and the international associations.
  4. Serve as a leader for collaborations and connections between higher education professionals and college student educators in Georgia.
  5. Promote student affairs as a career to undergraduate and graduate students in Georgia.


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