Georgia College Personnel Association


ACPA members that live and/or work in the state of Georgia are automatically members of GCPA! When you submit your membership online at be sure to check “GEORGIA” under the State Chapters Dues for no additional cost!

What can GCPA do for me?
To remain successful, student affairs professionals need to stay current on trends and issues within higher education, and anticipate changes that will occur in the years to come. GCPA provides its members with the opportunity for this kind of professional development. By networking with other professionals in the state, members of GCPA can call upon each other and our vast array of resources.

State Chapters & International Divisions provide:

  • Professional Development (Conferences, Drive-Ins, HED Talks, Webinars, Mentorship)
  • Career Networking (Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Job Boot Camps, Job Postings)
  • Access to Research & Scholarship (Publications, State Journals, Research Awards)
  • Leadership Opportunities (Board Roles, Conference Committees, Volunteerism)
  • National ACPA Pipeline (State members often advance to national leadership in ACPA)

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